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Business development program is an organization focused on creating successful workplaces policies by focusing on issues that impact women, families as well as employers. This type of organization brings together women, employers and policy makers to create change as well as expand workplace options. The business women organization is 501 c (3) research and education organization. The work of BPW Foundation supports workforce development programs and workplace policies that recognize the diverse needs of working women, communities and businesses. It transforms workplaces by strengthening the capacity of organizations and businesses to create work environments that are inclusive and value the skills and contributions of working women. The objective of this program is to achieve their full potential and partners with employers to build successful workplaces through education, research, knowledge and policy. The national federation of business and professional women club was formed on July 15, 1919. Later on it filled to do business as business and professional organization. The business and professional women USA development program merged with business and professional foundation from 1st july 2009. It is dedicated for successful workplace for women, families and employers. It continues to focus on public policy and on grassroots activism to ensure that key issues impacting women and families are addressed at all levels. This type of organization also called as nonprofit organization. Some of the organization includes charitable organizations, trade associations. Profit is not the primary goal of NPO. Foundation gives grants to other NPOs, or fellowships and direct grants to participants. The act of this organization can be controlled by members, board of directors. It has a delegate structure to allow for the representation of groups or corporations as members. There are two types of nonprofit organization are members as well as board only. The membership organization elects the board and has regular meetings. The board only organization has a self-selected board, and a membership whose powers are limited to those delegated to it by the board. Many nonprofit organizations often use .org , .us or .edu top level domain. The .org is for organizations. The work of BPW Foundation is supporting workforce development programs and workplace policies that recognize the diverse needs of working women, communities and businesses. The very factor that you need to consider consulting a professional who could verify all the processes you are executing would be beneficial. With a strong business development program, you can get a systematic guide that will help you with understanding how to start your business. One of the other fascinating factors is that you should find your ways yourself by reading, consulting large organization and women volunteers. The very factor that you need to consider consulting a professional who could verify all the processes you are executing would be beneficial. The business owned by women has exponentially grown-up and there are more and more women every day in the hunt for capital to finance their business. It serves as repository of resources for the betterment of workplaces and seeks to expand the information base. Published at:

Women In Business: 5 Things You Must Do First Before Starting A Business While You Work

There comes a time in your career when you realize that something is missing. You reach a place where you feel stifled professionally and confined by day-to-day tasks. What used to give you a rush and sense of fulfillment is no longer there. You could seek job opportunities elsewhere, but you have real family obligations to consider. In a slow economy plagued by budget cuts, furloughs, pink slips and hiring freezes, this is not the most viable solution. When you arrive at this very place, the question that must enter your mind is, “Is that all there is?” The short answer is No. There’s so much more! The good news is you have a choice: stay in a rut or be the author of your life and write a new script. It’s possible to restore greater self-fulfillment in your life on your own terms, beyond the confines of a job by using your expertise, skills, and knowledge to start a business while you work. However preparation is key! Here are 5 must do’s to business start up success: 1. Explore the reason why. There are a variety of reasons why many aspire to start a new business. For some it’s about creating a life of greater meaning and purpose. For others, it’s an opportunity to gain more financial security, or answer a “calling” of sorts, among other things. Whatever the motivation for starting your business, it must be something that resonates profoundly and becomes the fuel that keeps the flame from within ignited. Without a deep-rooted conviction for the reason why, you stand a real risk of throwing in the towel at the slightest hint of difficulty or challenge you will inevitably encounter with your business. 2. Bring “you” to the journey. Although you may be venturing into unfamiliar territory as a new business owner, it doesn’t mean you are starting from scratch. The reality is that you already come equipped with resources, skills and abilities to thrive as an entrepreneur. There are many success traits all entrepreneurs possess: problem solving, communicating, collaborating, decision-making, and risk taking, just to name a few. Some of these traits have been honed and groomed from your career experiences, but they are also innate qualities you possess as a woman. Trust and rely heavily on your unique life experiences and strengths as the greatest assets to accompany you at the start of your journey. 3. Take others along. You are a woman who juggles many life roles as professional, mom, wife and homemaker. Adding another responsibility to the mix as entrepreneur could tip the scale too heavy to one side, to say the least. But this new role and responsibility doesn’t have to throw everything off balance. To avoid this, allow others to help you, get used to delegating more and give yourself permission not to be “super woman.” Your family members in many instances will be your biggest fans, but be sure to get their buy-in from the start. Help them to see “what’s in it for them,” so that you experience less resistance and push back in the long run. Allow your family to be more self- sufficient. In so doing, you create a bit more “space” in your life for business development, without feeling guilty. Also, consider your professional network. Are there any colleagues or contacts in your circle that can facilitate any aspect of business planning or development, more quickly and easily? If so, use this support system to jumpstart the process of building your business. 4. Get your finances in order. The good thing about starting a solo business such as a coach, consultant, trainer, speaker or the like is the small start up cost involved and the low risk. So it’s easy to get in the game; the challenge is staying the course. One the most important aspects of sustaining over time is having adequate cash flow to fund your business operating expenses, while also maintaining your household financial obligations. This can be achieved by doing two things: effective budgeting and investing in your business. You will have to get in the habit of saving money, “trimming the fat,” and spending smarter so that you can free up money to invest toward your business. Additionally, the “cost” of doing business in the initial stages extends beyond covering expenditures. It also involves having enough funds for professional development. In order to develop and grow as an entrepreneur, you will have to invest some time and money to learn how to be a successful business owner. Otherwise your business will stagnate and cease to exist. 5. Commit to peak performance at all times. Working at your best capacity begins on the job. Your ability to get things done timely and efficiently, without fail, will make the difference in sustaining high energy levels throughout the day. It will also minimize the extent to which you are working long hours or bringing work home at night. Without careful attention to this factor, it will be virtually impossible to carve out consistent time for business development, creativity and focus. In order to maintain excitement and momentum toward building a business, you will need to reserve and protect “space” in your life for it. By taking these five preliminary steps at the very start of your journey, you will gain a greater clarity and assuredness about starting a business than you ever thought possible. And the sky’s the limit on how far you can go! Published at:

Keys to Business Success – 6 Tips For Women Entrepreneurs to Thrive in Their Business.

There are so many lessons to be learned about starting, launching and growing a new business. Yes the verdict is out – only about two thirds of new small businesses will survive after two years, and less than half within five, according to the Small Business Administration. The good news is this statistic is better than is used to be…the bad is there are still a considerable number that aren’t making it. Sometimes, as women, our lack of confidence in our abilities, or lack of business know how can get in the way of being successful. However, know that you are enough, and more than capable of meeting the needs of your business – from start up, to launch, and beyond. Here are 6 must-dos to thrive, from start up to launch and beyond: Make the decision – the word decision comes from the Latin word decidere, which means “to kill off any other alternatives.” Making the full commitment toward your business, and never giving up, is the glue that makes it all stick, and keeps you on track, even in the face of challenges and stumbling blocks. Learn in action – there is always something new to learn, and more information to gather. However, it’s not until you move to action, get going, and learn while doing, that real business know how and expertise comes about. Take risks and be open to setbacks – this will help you grow as a new business owner. The ability to fall down, brush yourself off, and try it again, is what will set you a part from those who never really decided to succeed. Every successful entrepreneur has the ability to persist in spite of trials or setbacks. From there new lessons are learned and new opportunities are sought. Build your business as a business right from the start – as a businesswoman, you must find that balance between perfecting your skill as coach, consultant or other service provider, and learning business building skills. Avoid at all cost a business model that trades hours for dollars. Instead, create a business to generate revenue in your sleep and operate on its own without you. Write your vision –at some point you will need to write a plan that outlines the vision and mission of your business. This important view of the future is necessary for future growth and sustainability. Without it, there is no goal or destination to reach, which means you will cease to move your business forward. Chart your course – new business ownership is about embarking on uncharted territory. This means you will need a compass, or guide to get you to your final destination of success. This roadmap is essential to business building because it lays the foundation for how you will get from where you are to where you want to be more quickly and easily. In so doing, a framework for how you will make money will also be clarified. Every successful business needs this. Published at:

London School of Business and Finance Introduces the Women in Business Scholarship

London School of Business and Finance Introduces the Women in Business Scholarship London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) introduces The Women in Business Scholarship intended for providing women with equal opportunities to achieve successful career and becoming global leaders. Scholarships are available from GBP1000 to GBP7000 and for MBA, MIB and Masters Programmes. LSBF (London School of Business and Finance) always invests into support of the students, both on academics and financial matters. Understanding that education can be rather expensive investment into future, LSBF has arranged a number of scholarship schemes to help with tuition for the best and most motivated students and The Women in Business Scholarship is one of them. According to the statistical data only 10% of the world’s top 300 companies’ board members and directors are women. The Women in Business Scholarship has been launched by London School of Business and Finance and is aimed at providing women with unique opportunity to become CEOs and Presidents of the world’s most recognizable brands and multinational corporations. The Scholarship is awarded to women who strive for their career promotion and who can show high academic records and proficiency in the English language. Awards are available for almost all programmes: MBA, MBA + Professional Qualification (ACCA, CIMA, CFA, and CIM), MIB, MIB + Professional Qualification (ACCA, CIMA, CFA, and CIM) and Masters Programmes (Master in Finance, Master in Investment Banking and Securities, Master in Finance and Investment Management, Master in M&A and Corporate Restructuring, Master in Pension and Fund Management). Scholarship amounts vary from £ 1000 to £7000 depending on the programme. Eligibility To be eligible for the Women in Business Scholarship you must meet the following criteria: – You are female – You have an undergraduate degree or above and a proven history of academic and/or professional excellence – You meet the English requirements of the programme you are applying for – You are able to prove that you have sufficient funds to pay the remaining course fees – You have already applied for a programme at LSBF. Deadlines Scholarships are awarded on an ongoing basis, but you will have to ensure your application has been received by LSBF before the deadlines. The deadline for Spring Intake is 29th January 2010. Please note that Scholarship awards are applied only to tuition fees and do NOT include a contribution towards living costs, travel or other expenses. For additional information on LSBF scholarships and news, please visit To find more about scholarship schemes visit page. About the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) Located in Central London, the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) is a leading London business school offering a wide variety of postgraduate programmes (MBA, MSc in Marketing, MSc in Finance), along with globally recognised professional qualifications (such as CFA, ACCA, CIMA and CIM) and postgraduate certificates. The school attracts students from all over the globe, with a diverse student body and a curriculum focusing on international business trends and practices. Published at:

Women Business Suits For Black Beauty Women

Just like every occasion holds special importance for you, so are the dresses that you plan to wear on such occasion. We may be active and proficient in doing our daily activities but when it comes to selecting a dress for a particular occasion we feel as helpless as ever. Same is the case when you go out to purchase a new dress, with a plethora of options available in women special occasion dresses, it is often difficult to decide which one to buy and which one to leave. As a basic human nature, we wish we had the money to purchase all the dresses lying there in the shopping mall. Unfortunately, it is not possible, even celebrities who earn in millions don’t pack the whole shopping mall in the back of their car. Since we have to limit our choices, it is better we are clear in our mind as to what we have to purchase. Here are some tips that will help you find the dress of your dream • Considering formality – Usually the type of invitation received by you gives a hint on the formality of the occasion. But you will still have confusion on certain issues, like whether you should wear short or long women special occasion dresses. Usually, you need to be dressier for events scheduled for later in the day. Formal occasions call for long dresses. There are certain fabrics which are ever green such as brocade, silk, jersey, and organza. Fabrics like gold spangles and velvet are more suitable for winter season. Dress according to the job at hand, there are numerous business suits for women available in the market. Pick only those that fit your job profile well. • Color Choice – black color is one that can fit every occasion as it look flattering, classy and slenderizing, but you should also try out other options too. Whatever color combination you choose make sure it compliments your skin tone. Never wear too many colors at the same time, unless you are going for an adventure hiking or for a vacation to a beach. Soft prints, mid-range bright and pastels are perfect for dressy day occasion. Pink – from fuchsia to cotton candy, blue be it royal or navy and white – from cream to candlelight looks great on every skin tone. Colors also represent the mood of the occasion, so don’t wear a color that is not appropriate for a occasion, for instance, women special occasion dresses for wedding should never be white. • Make a style statement – the first basic objective to wear a dress is to make an impression on everyone who looks at you. The internet, catalogs, and magazines provide numerous inspirations for women special occasion dresses. It is important to look trendy, but by presenting yourself in a classic, timeless elegant dress, you make a timeless impression. Just think of how you want to remember yourself when you look at your present pictures ten years from now. Even though timeless dresses may look simple, but they have the undying magic to shine at all times. It is like the older a wine is the better. Published at:

Rise And Fall Of The Dodge Magnum

The Dodge Magnum name was originally launched in 1978 as an extension of the Chrysler brand in response to changing rules for the upcoming NASCAR racing season which would prevent the Dodge Charger from competing.

NASCAR legend Richard Petty originally favoured the Magnum in the opening stages of the 1978 season however he found the handling difficult to control and switched to a Chevy after just 7 races. Despite this, the Magnum has found success, helping Kyle Petty (Richard’s son) win his first race and he stuck with them for a further 5 races before abandoning them due to extensive and irreparable damage.

As of 2008 there were only two known NASCAR Magnums in existence, both in good condition and one resides in the Talledega NASCAR museum for fans to view.
From such exciting beginnings the Magnum name was passed from car to car including the original ‘Dart’ sold in Brazil and then as a vehicle in itself sold in Mexico between 1981-88 before being dropped as a name all together in 1989.

Dodge Magnum Revival
The Magnum model name was brought back in 2004 as a station wagon version of the Chrysler 300 with some subtle body changes and built in Ontario, Canada.
In 2005 the SRT-8 – a performance focused model was launched and sold as the 2006 model of the vehicle. With a 6.1 L engine and over 425 break horse power it won the Canadian Car of the Year Contest in 2006 as the ‘Best New Modern Muscle Car’. With a 0-60mph time of just 5.1 seconds and 0-100 mph in 11.7 seconds it’s easy to see why.

Dropped Again
At the tail end of 2007 it was announced by Chrysler that the Magnum, along with four other models would be dropped the following year, stating they were “…not earning their keep”, however Ralph Gilles, head of the SRT division of Chrysler indicated the name and the model may be brought back, claiming the death of the magnum was down to one person:

“It was single-handedly killed by one executive who is no longer with the company. He’s retired. A lot of people in the company still like that vehicle — a lot.”

Outside of the USA, the Dodge Magnum was sold under the name ‘Chrysler 300 Touring’ and was essentially the same with slight design tweaks and the option of a 3.0L CRD Turbo Diesel engine.

As the Dodge Magnum is at present discontinued owners have found buying replacement parts, and especially custom parts such as wheels to be difficult to obtain however there are manufacturers producing high performance parts to match the high performance of the SRT-8.

Custom Wheels For Muscle Car Enthusiasts

In addition to performance, part of the allure of a muscle car is its appearance. And one of the most obvious focal points on any muscle car is its wheels which need to make a visual impact. Huntington Engineered Alloys produces custom muscle car wheels that enhance the performance and style of any contemporary Camaro or Mustang.

The wheel is one of the most important features of a muscle car. It impacts the overall driving performance of the car. And it can add to or detract from the car’s appearance. By concentrating on modern muscle cars, Huntington has quickly become a leader in aftermarket wheel design and manufacturing. In particular their Camaro Wheels and Mustang Wheels are ideal for high-performance driving.

Recognizing that individual muscle cars vary on the wheel widths they can handle, Huntington successfully engineered a wheel fitment that is specific to each type of modern muscle car. Different fitments are available for 18″, 20″ and even 22″ wheel sizes. This guarantees high performance of the wheels and allows for staggered fitment which is popular with muscle car enthusiasts.

Huntington offers custom Springdale wheels and Bolsa wheels for both the Camaro and Mustang. You can get 18″, 20″ and 22″ Camaro wheels while Mustang wheels are available in 18″ and 20″ only. The same finishes are available for both types of muscle car wheels: gloss black, chrome, and silver. Each finish provides a complementary accent to your Camaro or Mustang. You can choose the finish based on the specific impact you want to make.

Muscle car enthusiasts want wheels that match the power of their car engines. Unlike other aftermarket wheels, Huntington wheels have been designed to accept original and aftermarket center caps. The design also allows for the clearance of brakes which tend to be larger in several modern muscle cars including the Camaro SS and Mustang GT500. If you prefer, you can use the original factory lug nuts with any Huntington wheel which have been drilled to accept original hardware.

The Camaro and Mustang are iconic muscle cars that define style and performance at the highest level. Huntington wheels can improve handling of your muscle car by allowing larger wheels to be easily mounted. With larger wheels you can run on a wider and lower profile tire. And there is no need to modify your fenders to use these Camaro wheels or Mustang wheels.

Anytime you modify a muscle car, you want the process to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible. With Huntington wheels, you get a seamless transition from factory car to high-performance dream. Because the wheels are custom made for specific cars, there is no need to do additional “customization” in terms of adjustments. All of the work has already been done for you. You just need to decide which wheel you want and have them mounted.

Huntington Engineered Alloys has the best custom wheel solutions for owners of modern Camaros and Mustangs. You can quickly get the muscle car of your dreams!

10 Extraordinary Cars That Will Make You Look Cool

There is something extraordinary in powerful cars that make you look really cool. These amazing sports cars will increase your coolness quotient. Generally, the cars which are not seen normally fall under this category. A cool car is the one in which you would like to drive with your new crush. This type of car makes you the center of attention and it’s a kind of car that is capable of stealing your thunder. It is pure magnificence in an effortless manner. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the coolest cars which will make you look cool and stylish.

Ferrari FF

Ferrari is one of the most attractive and magnificent vehicle available in the market. Just imagine driving this super car along icy road and feel the fresh air on your face. The car is operated with a computer system and it can adjust torque and break pressure according to the driving atmosphere. This car is preferred over ice and it is perfect for cool weather. Some specifications of the car are given below:

• 651 Horsepower

• 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds

• 6262 cc V12 Engine at 8000 rpm

Jaguar XKRS

This car is best during action and it is all about the performance of this car. Jaguar XKRS was never designed for great looks but performance. The car has perfect geometry and aerodynamics for high performance. It is a beast powered by AJ V-8 Power plant fitted inside along with twin-vortex Roots Supercharger to boost its performance further. The car is available in two colors: French Racing Blue and Italian Racing Red. Some important features of car are listed below:

• 550 Horsepower

• 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds

• Top speed of 186 mph

Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin is the coolest car company in UK and these cars are always featured in James Bond movies. Aston Martin One-77 is the coolest car that is ever developed by the company. The car has everything cool about itself including its power, strength, and performance. This mighty beast can pump up to 750 horsepower which more than most of the cars available in the market. It is the feeling of driving a super cool car with the power of a giant bull. Some interesting facts about this car:

• 750 Horsepower

• 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds

• Top speed of 200+ mph

Spyker C12 Zagato

This car was designed in F1 style and its highly ornate body makes it look like a super car. Spyker C12 Zagato is a perfect blend of power and style. Its powerful engine can produce up to 500 bhp and you can further take it up to 650 bhp with superchargers. This car is designed for a perfect look and performance in every aspect. You would love to take your spouse on date in this car. Some cool features of the car are:

• 500 to 650 horsepower

• W12 Engine with 5-speed automated gear box

• 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds

Audi R8

Audi has been manufacturing outstanding cars for past few decades. All the cars from Audi have a unique elegance and coolness quotient in them. Audi R8 has a stealthy design and you can see people clicking picture of your car. The car is powered by its 4.2 liter V8 Petrol Engine and it can generate up to 525 horsepower. Some important features of the car are given below:

• 525 horsepower

• 4.2 liter V8 Engine with dry sump lubrication

• 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds

Pagani Huayra

This car is yet to be released in market for sale but it has already made thousands of fans. Pagani Huayra uses twin-turbo Mercedes V12 Engine with the capacity of 6.0 liter. It has gigantic strength and can produce up to 700 bhp. The car is designed with active aerodynamics and it can go up to 230mph. This is a real power house and it is too much power to be handled behind the wheels. Some important features of this super car are:

• 700 horsepower

• V-12 twin-turbo Mercedes AMG Engine

• 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds

Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette is the classic American supercar and falls under affordable car range. According to most of the experts, this car offers more power and style for its price. This car has been ruling the American roads since 1953 when first generation Corvette was launched in the market. The sixth generation cars are powered with 6.2 liter LS9 engine with the capacity of producing up to 638 bhp making it a real muscle beast. Some important features of the car are:

• 638 horsepower

• 0-60 mph in 4 seconds

• Top speed of 205 mph

Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper is the classic American muscle car and it was used as the synonym for cool. It is known as SRT Viper and it was among one of the first V10 powered cars in the world. The car is now in its fifth generation with some outstanding figures on its name. It is a true piece of magnificent craftsmanship, design, elegance, and power. It is powered by 8.4 liter V10 engine and it can produce up to 640 bhp. Some interesting facts about the car are given below:

• 640 horsepower

• 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds

• Top speed of 202 mph

Lamborghini Murcielago

This car is the dream of every young men and it has record number of posters all over the world. Anyone driving this car has a class of his own and with the power of this mighty beast; there is nothing more one would dream of. This car is manufactured in motorsport version too and it is undoubtedly the coolest car in its category.

• 661 horsepower

• 0-60 mph 3.0 seconds

• Top speed of 212 mph

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang is the most affordable and loved American cool car. It is fun, fast, stylish, and enjoyable muscle car. This car can produce up to 300 hp and it is one of the most enjoyed spuer car in this world.

• 412 horsepower

• 0-60 mph in 4 seconds

Women Entrepreneurship and Changing role of Women

Women Entrepreneurship and Changing role of Women



India is definitely the hub of entrepreneurs worldwide. Women owned businesses are highly increasing in the economies of almost all countries. The hidden entrepreneurial potentials of women have gradually been changing with the growing sensitivity to the role and economic status in the society. Skill, knowledge and adaptability in business are the main reasons for women to emerge into business ventures.

Women” as Entrepreneurs in India:

Women Entrepreneur’ is a person who accepts challenging role to meet her personal needs and become economically independent. A strong desire to do something positive is an inbuilt quality of entrepreneurial women, who is capable contributing values in both family and social life.

The challenges and opportunities provided to the women of digital era are growing rapidly that the job seekers are turning into job creators.

In India, although women constitute the majority of the total population, the entrepreneurial world is still a male dominated one. Women in advanced nations are recognized and are more prominent in the business world. But the Indian women entrepreneurs are facing some major constraints like –

*Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Commerce, Periyar University Salem 11.

To a certain extent, this situation is changing among Indian women and yet to face a tremendous change to increase the rate of growth in entrepreneurship
Socio-cultural barriers- women’s family and personal obligations are sometimes a great barrier for succeeding in business career. Only few women are able to manage both home and business efficiently, devoting enough time to perform all their responsibilities in priority.
They are not fully aware of the changing market conditions and hence can effectively utilize the services of media and internet.
Other factors are family support, Government policies, financial assistance from public and private institutions and also the environment suitable for women to establish business units.
This can facilitate women to excel in decision making process and develop a good business network.
So the sincere efforts taken towards women entrepreneurs may not reach the entrepreneurs in rural and backward areas.
Such programs are really useful to new, rural and young entrepreneurs who want to set up a small and medium scale unit on their own.
In spite of the mushrooming growth of associations, institutions, and the schemes from the government side, women are not enterprising and dynamic to optimize the resources in the form of reserves, assets mankind or business volunteers.

Highly educated, technically sound and professionally qualified women should be encouraged for managing their own business, rather than dependent on wage employment outlets. The additional business opportunities that are recently approaching for women entrepreneurs are:

Eco-friendly technology
IT enabled enterprises
Event management
Tourism industry
Plastic materials
Mineral water
Herbal & health care
Food, fruits & vegetable processing

Technological Innovation:

Innovation is often explained in technical terms-tangible products or processes that result from technological development-there has been a preoccupation with rational, analytical innovation models. However, a number of industrial studies have shown that for a technological innovation to succeed three important people involved and seven important conditions to satisfy. The combination of these people and conditions satisfies the need for creativity and implementation. The three key people are:

Creative source: The inventor or originator of the idea that led to the knowledge or vision of something new, the artist of creative endeavor.

The champion: The entrepreneur or manager who pursues the idea, planning, its implication, acquiring resources, and establishing its markets through persistence, planning, organizing, and leadership.

Sponsor: The person or organization that makes possible the champion’s activities and the inventor’s dreams through support. Major countries in Asia are following this technique to acquire the higher position in the world economy. India, in this sense, is struggling hard.

Women are the important part of development. No doubt they are taking active participation in the business and industry and doing dual jobs to meet their expenditures. Women of every level and society (high or low=income countries) hop to work. So, the rate of women entrepreneurship is high than men.

Rise of Women Entrepreneurs

Economic necessity. Some women are working full-time and still can’t make ends meet. With the current strain on the economy having extra money coming in is not an option, its necessity. Some women are laid-off so being self-employed becomes the best alternative

Solving problems and sharing solutions.

For some women it’s not about the money it’s about solving a problem or sharing a solution. Inventors usually design new products to solve problems.

Hitting the corporate glass ceiling

Some corporate women feel like they’ve taken their career as far as it will go. They’re taken their career as far as it will go. They’re dissatisfied by their options and want a career that will be more fulfilling. Entrepreneurship is often the answer for these driven women who enjoy being their own boss

Freedom and flexibility

These are the two big reasons for moms, especially moms with young children, to start their won business. They can work from home, choose their own hours and have the flexibility to juggle their work life with their family life.

Women need to have clarity about what drives them and what they want to accomplish with their business. Thankfully with their business. Thankfully with the rise of women entrepreneurs we can learn from those who have beaten the path before us.

Before you take the Entrepreneurial Leap

Before jumping into entrepreneurship I recommend women take the following steps:

Take time to envision all the details of not only your business, but your entire life as an entrepreneur.
Be responsible. Don’t let go of your day job too quickly. If money’s tight, carve out specific time to work on your project but keep the cash flow coming in through other sources.
It’s not just your venture, it’s your families. Make sure they buy into what you’re doing and that they’re committed to being supportive.
Recognize that being an entrepreneur is not just about what you’re being. You will need to be committed to your personal growth as a way to keep your business from stagnating.
Finally, remember that your success depends on association with other entrepreneurial women with great ideas, and a broader, more creative perspective.


Henceforth, promoting entrepreneurship among women is certainly a short-cut to rapid economic growth and development. Let us try to eliminate all forms of gender discrimination and thus allow ‘women’ to be an entrepreneur at par with men.

I encourage you to take the time to think about what inspires you. Do you wake up each morning eager to get started? If not, it might be time to reanalyze your career choices. If you feel stuck, tap into a broader community of women that are smart, savvy and successful. These women can help you breakthrough to the next level in your business so you too can be a part of the rise of women entrepreneurs.

For hundred, even thousands of year, women have been successful entrepreneurs. Our unique mindset, viewpoints, attitudes and skills as women have all contributed to our successes in business.

Personal training business can be a great career if you love a healthy lifestyle

Personal trainers start a personal training business because they are passionate about fitness, want to help people, and also enjoy the freedom of working for themselves. These are all great reasons for starting a personal training business. Fitness trainers are mainly individuals who enjoy teaching fitness, owning their own business, and scheduling appointments whenever it is convenient to them.

If you are a fitness minded individual who enjoys health, fitness, and exercise, and wants to make an excellent income with the freedom of working for yourself, then follow the personal training business tips I reveal below. I have already reached a high level of success in the personal fitness training business, and so can you.

The fact is the fitness business is booming! As a result of the aging baby boomers, and the will of the aging population to live a great quality of life, there are more and more opportunities for personal fitness personal training victoria to make an excellent income. The baby boomers quality of life quest, and the obesity factor will surely drive a huge amount of personal training clients your way. Therefore, the potential of running your own personal training business is financially limitless. However, the time to seize this fitness weight training for women business opportunity is right now.

A personal training business can be a great career if you love a healthy lifestyle, can be flexible and are a people person. The best personal trainers are certified and have gone through a training course or several training courses. You do need to love fitness to be personal trainers as the most successful trainers do not do personal weight training for women as a job but consider it a lifestyle. Many times personal training victoria begin a personal training career because they want to help others and do not feel their current job is fulfilling.

As with any business you will need to do some marketing. You in essence are selling your services and need to convey why your personal training is unique or different form others your competitors. The majority of your services will be marketing in a small area though you can use the Internet to bring your personal training to many other potential clients through online consulting.

Personal training has become much more popular then simply going to the gym because it includes information on how to change your life to maintain your health once you have achieved your goal. This includes your diet, exercise and even your mental health. Gym memberships have actually been decreasing as personal training has become more popular.

Personal training actually has a fairly low overhead, as most personal trainers do not need to buy all of their own equipment. Most a personal trainers will have a set of free weights and a blood pressure machine, otherwise they will use the equipment at their client’s home or provided at a gym. Equipment can be quite pricey and not very portable so unless you have your own gym where you train buying equipment is not advised.