Home Based Businesses for Women

In looking for a list of the top home based businesses for women, it would seem natural to gravitate towards the ones that have a nurturing theme at the center. You know the usual suspects – child care provider, senior citizen care giver, in home companion or aide. All of these have their place and it’s easy to see why they would make a list ranking the top home based businesses for women.

But we can’t stop there. Yes we do acknowledge that women have a natural gift of coaching, encouraging and nurturing, but if we stop only at this limited selection for women we are missing the possibility of an absolute transference of these people skills.

Let’s identify the wider range of home based businesses a woman could easily excel at.

Any sales position. Women are natural sellers whether they admit it or not. We sell (recommend) schools, teachers, neighborhoods, stores, restaurants, books and movies practically every day. We are very good at identifying both good and bad points and putting things on the table according to their merit. In laymen’s terms that would also be identified as the art of persuasion. What sales team wouldn’t want to take that and run with it?

Any training, teaching, or development spot. Most women who are also moms have trained kids on successfully completing the most basic and mandatory skills necessary to survive. I’m talking about everything from the proper way to hold a fork to how to use the toilet. If a person can potty train another human being, odds are she can teach an adult how to put basic success skills in place to build a profit team.

Most positions dealing with multi-tasking. Bring it on. Women have been multi-tasking for centuries – we just didn’t know there was a fancy name for it. It’s not something we even look at as a skill per se, it’s just the reality that many tasks need to be accomplished in a set time and when you are the woman at bat it’s time to take action.

Now let’s get back to this list of the top home based businesses for women.

Do you see MLM opportunities appear? Good, women can do that. What about telecommuting and outside sales? Great, women can do that too. Any appearances of drivers or delivery services needed? Many women could earn trophies for their unmatched skills in delivering their kids to school, sports events, extra curricular activities each and every year.

The question is not “can they do it?” but rather “are they recognizing the existence of the skills and are they ready to transfer them over to the new task at hand?”

Whatever opportunity the new home business owner chooses, it would be very wise to have a mentor, someone to help them capitalize and groom their skills so they can reach the success mode as quickly as possible. Overlooking these existing skills could really serve as a setback and more importantly, just as they were learned, new online skills can also be learned, with the right coach. Proper success coaching can help new and even veteran business owners and marketers avoid the pitfalls of mediocrity, low productivity, and financial frustration.

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